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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oct. 17 2006

Well, just when you think you have a Handel on things... This past couple of months has been a rude awakening. I'm still dealing with my health issues, The had me at UNMC in Omaha for a couple of days doing some tests, Thank God for many people who came to our rescue to allow me to be able to go. Still waiting to hear the results and "plan of action" from the Dr.
Hannah my 5 year old, has had failure to thrive since about 9 months old. But about 6 weeks ago she very suddenly started losing her hair. She is a fighter and handling this much better than I am of course. She has not gained any weight at all in 4 months. 28.8 pounds. Dealing with these Doctors I feel like it should be my hair falling out. My traveling expenses alone are outrageous, from Kearney, Grand Island, to Lincoln and Omaha. She has over ten Doctors, and we are not getting anywhere. Being an advocate for your children is crucial at these times, Doctors need to come down off their pedestals and listen to the patients. I still feel very strongly that this is celiac Disease. So my next step is to take gluten out of her diet completely. I am doing this on my own, Thank God for the internet! With 3 other kids in the house the will be a very big project. She has a huge personality! LOL, she is very smart and doing good in kindergarten, and in AWANA at church.
Then there is Ashley who is 7, she has been rediagnosed. She has ADHD, Anxiety, and ODD. We have are moments during a day that are extremely difficult, But keeping her on a strict routine helps. Charts! Free printable charts are everywhere online, They have been a saving grace. I have more tack boards and white boards in my house than pictures LOL. She is extremely intelligent, she make very good grades in school and is above her expected level in reading and spelling. She is in our children's choir and AWANA at church.
Brittany is 10 going on 18. Since she is the oldest she has always had a lots of responsibility on her shoulders. So she is getting involved with a lot of community programs, just to get her out of the house. She is a member of the Ambassadors (ambassadors Longfellow singing group, the Ambassadors, began as a student activity promoting being drug-free. Fifth and sixth grade students try out to become a member of this select group of thirty students. The selected students rehearse for thirty minutes twice a week throughout the year. The Ambassadors sing at school functions and for community service clubs. Once a year the students go on tour to area elementary schools. The Ambassadors sing songs about staying drug free and being citizens of good character. One group of Ambassadors recorded on CD the Longfellow character education song, "We're Building Character," written by Deb Dowling, music teacher and current sponsor of Ambassadors.) She is also in the childrens choir and AWANA at church, and a fire patrol program, Which Grandma & Breeze(11 yr. Old Boxer) will be a special guest at next week. With her experiences with a Drug addicted father, she herself has become an advocate, She is out there telling her story and helping teach others. I am so proud of her.
Anthony is 3, he also has ADHD. He is not afraid of nothing. And being the only man in the house is very good at wrapping all of us girls around his finger. He talks so fast that at times it's hard to understand him (But Hannah can translate everything for you LOL) they are like twins in a lot of ways. He runs out the door screaming when a big truck or garbage truck goes by, I've been stuck watching the car races many times, LOL. He is also in AWANA and has even beat his sisters on memorizing his verses and earning patches on his vest.
I am still attending a few classes to finish up my degree, I graduated in Spring with Honors, and am a Phi Theta Kappa member. So I have a few brain cells left after all, LOL Hope everyone is doing well, I know I have not been the greatest and getting in touch. But you all are always in my thoughts and prayers.