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Monday, June 18, 2007

a day at Brickyard Park

Mom's Day

Awana awards night

please keep Hannah in your prayers. We still have no answers from the doctors. We have been able to maintain her 28 pounds and keep her out of the hospital. But she has started to lose her hair again. Her next trip to Omaha is in July, at which time she will have some more scans done on her tumor. The neurosurgeon's don't think it has anything to do with her Failure to thrive, but at this point Her other doctors say it is all that is left, The millions of blood, genetic,biopsy, and other tests they have done have given us nothing. and yes they even checked for parasites/worms...
Her birthday is Thursday, she will be 6 years old. She is the strongest and smartest little lady I have ever met. It has been a rough 5 years for her, and you can see that in her eyes now. This picture is a "self portrait". lol. She brought me my camera the other day and said so confidently, " Mama, someone stole your camera, and I found it . After about 50 pictures of pictures and toys I found this one. I showed it to her and asked her if she could remember who took my camera now. She giggled and said. " oh yeah, Mama. I took it so I could have pictures of my things next time we went to the hospital. such a lil stinker.