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Monday, August 16, 2010

Holiday Horsepower Drive and Eagle Raceway

Friday, August 06, 2010

The importance of medcation routes

As most of you know, Hannah does not eat. All her nutrition is supplied and routed through various ports in her body.
    Route #1     a central line that goes straight to her heart.
                       Through this she receives her TPN and
                       various IV meds.
    Route #2     a G-Button that goes straight to her stomach.
                       Through this she receives her meds
                       for her Acute Gastritis and bleeding ulcers.
    Route #3     a J-Button that goes straight to her intestines.
                       Through this she receives her Neocate
                       formula and other meds that need
                       to avoid her stomach.

Over the years I have struggled with the mislabeling of some of her medications when it is concerning the route. and still struggle to this day with this issue even in her care plans with home health.

In May this article came out in the news from Omaha.....
Officials said 19-month-old Alicia Coleman died at Children's Hospital

Such a terribly devastating incident for all people involved spurred me into action when it came to Hannah's routes, so this is what we do now with a lil help of some nail polish :)
It has made life much more simple and as one of our nurses said "made our job easy!"