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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello world!.... Our prayers were answered and Hannah was released to be home for Christmas. Thank God for so many wonderful people who have come into our lives. I have been very humbled by humanity at a time when I really had given up on it.
Hannah has not made any changes. We now have a home health nurse coming to our home. I learned how to insert an NG tube. (I think dental was the wrong field!) She gets tube feed during the night. We are trying everything to get her to gain. and then an intestinal virus went through our house at Christmas.(She went from 31 to 28 lbs) They sent what seemed like at least a gallon of blood to mayo. I just wish we could find an answer. I want to treat the problem instead of just the symptoms.
We set up an IEP at school with her just today. The public school system here is just astonishing. I am absolute love with all of these people. Hannah has missed alot of school but she is terribly smart and has managed to keep up. Her pediatrician last year said I should hold her back a year because she was so small. I defiantly did not choose to do that, why should she, she was ready for school.
We made it through the ice storm w/out losing our electricity (JUST BARELY) I am still unpacking and organizing. So my time has ...well what time? I have to get up 2 -3 times a night to run the pump, so when I do get a moment I usually pass out. I dont know what I would do w/out my cell. the multiple alarms, the calender. I cant think anymore lol.