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Monday, December 21, 2009

sorry for the delay in updates....

Hannah has bee officially dx'd with Autoimmune Enteropathy, with IPEX syndrome not being ruled out. She is doing well and has kept herself out of the hospital for a wonderful 3 weeks now. This is a record!!
 with this news comes much transition for me... mentally. We have a name for our enemy now, but he is so rare. I am still doing alot of studying, but from what it sounds like I think I need to really push this bone marrow transplant... If anybody can help me get my hands on this book please contact me!!  Volume 1, 4th edition, pediactric Gastrointestinal Desease. I swear to God it is the book her Doc in Cincinnati are reading! The way they are treating her is qouted in here.

But anyway, I will try to snap out of my mental quick sand and get back to work, I promise! :)

I search a quiet place,

For reverent solitude,

One where I can fix,

My strained attitude.

I’m not in the mood,

To think or speak,

I feel kind of tired,

I feel kind of weak.

My brain won’t absorb,

The things you have to say,

I need a quiet place,

So I can find my way.

Back to this place,

Where I can hear your tune,

I’ll take a short detour,

But I’ll be back soon.