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Sunday, February 01, 2009

new pics

Hannah's pump

500 ml. bag air free
which means she can be upside, sideways whatever
and not get air bubbles in her line
The pump
so easy to program and track mls per hour
total intake, everything

everything in pack ready to plug in
the rubber clear clamp use see locks the bag tube
to the extension tube, preventing accidental disconnection
and leaks. It is called an AMT Clamp .

Hannah is very tiny for her almost 8 years.
this is the super mini backpack. Zevex offers several sizes.

When we are out and about hardly anyone notices
that she is wearing a feeding pump

Zevex is wonderful! It has adapted well
to an very active
child's life!

This is for my friends at Oley . Hannah uses the EnteraLite® Infinity® Enteral Feeding Pump from Zevex. We have been using it now for 2 years. Just recently Children's in Omaha also started using them. Wonderful product! She uses a I.V. pole when not wearing the backpack.