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Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Halloween

Thanks to the beautiful weather we were able to go trick or treating to family and friends houses. Hannah seems to be doing better, we are actually off of antibiotics now. So hopefully we kicked this pneumonia finally. She received the pneumovax vaccine last week. and I don't take her out when the weather is cold because that all seems to make it worse. Her teacher has been coming to the house twice a week. We have been very busy making up for the 2 months she missed. She is so smart it really helps her not fall behind.
The kids all had a great time Halloween. Even Grandma dressed up for work, we ate dinner at her work then went trick or treating. They all were tired by 8, and home and in bed by 9. I have the greatest kids in the world! lol, and it was a good thing! The night b4 I did not sleep much. At 2am I got a call from my neighbor that her water broke, My mom watched the kids while I got her to the hospital. Her family is all out of town, so I couldn't leave her by herself, and she was moving fast. On Halloween morning at 3am she delivered a 8lb 12oz. baby girl. So as usual, things are always eventful around here!