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Sunday, November 01, 2009

is it November already??

Oh my how the time flies by! October was'nt much better than September. 2 weeks of  all us being sick, from an intestinal flu, to strep throat, to H1N1, it has all hit my house.
Hannah spent 4 days in Mary Lanning hosp. after the intestinal flu hit her. while she was there, my 10 year old Ash, had strep throat. Then a couple days later, 3 hours after they released Hannah. I was in the ER with Ash again, who spiked a 103 degree temp... H1N1. That was wednesday. Thursday it hit Anthony and we were all started on Tamiflu. Friday it hit Brittany. but thankfully not as hard. Today is Sunday and Hannah is running a low grade temp of 99.3, nothing to call the dr. for yet, but just enough to make you hold your breath and pray!
 The Dr.s are holding the tachrolimus right now. which is good considering it depletes her already fragile immune system. her left side is still causing alot of pain. They are giving her hydrocodone for pain.. and she is actually asking for it today. I realize how much pain she is in when I see that the medicine they are giving her is the exact same thing I was on after my knee and 2 shoulder surgeries, even same dose. and it barely subsides her pain.
 We have missed everybody this week! Due to our quarintined situation we have not been out and about. Thanks to everyone who made the extra trips across town to help our family! I really don't know what I would do without all of your support! It means so much to us all.