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Saturday, July 19, 2008

update on Hannah 7-18-2008

I got a call from the immunoligist. He said he does not agree with the Denver doctors that her problems are related to food allergies, he will be consulting more with her G.I. dr. I feel so lost and frustrated right now. this news has set us back to where we were before we even went to denver. I finally felt we were on the right road because we had a plan of action, and knew what we were dealing with. now all of that is thrown out the window.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of this set back. even though these doctors don't agree and can't find the real culprit of Hannah's problems, there is One who knows every fiber of her body and being. He has His reasons for allowing this to happen and someday we will know them. but right now is not the time. May God be with you and Hannah and the rest of her siblings. I would give anything to be there and get to know you and the children, I know you all are really a riot. Tell Wanda "Hi" and "I love her". If there is anything and I really mean anything I can do, let me know, even if it is something you don't think I can do, try me and I'll give it my best shot.
Your Great Aunt,