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Friday, September 12, 2008


Hannah has been real sick this week, in the E.R. twice. They think she has pertussis. We have an appointment with The G.I. clinic at children's in Omaha on Monday. She has lost a 3rd of a pound over the summer, so her feeding pump was upped from 73 ml/hr to 80 ml/hr. But since then she has been throwing up more and getting more stomach aches. The antibiotics she is on for the pertussis gives her more diarrhea which will make her lose more weight.... The frustration is almost unbearable. Then I got a phone call yesterday from the immunologist in Omaha... himself! Apologizing for not getting back to me b4 now, and asking me if I could come in on Monday while we're in town for an appt. (It usually takes months to get in) He also mentioned sending us to Cincinnati children's hospital. So after feeling like we are going nowhere over the summer or being "on a treadmill" as our school nurse Franci said. It looks like we are back to work. praise God! Gotta go return a phone call to the health dept. about her pertussis thing. Will update more when we get home Monday. Thank you to everyone who has been working on Hannah's Benefit. It is overwhelming to see how many people care about my baby girl!


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is in our prayers daily. My name is Brad Yurk we go to free church in Hastings. I have only worked 3 weeks this year cause of 3 knee surgerys. I want you to know that God will answer your prayers. He is more real than ever. God has answered so many prayers for us this year and has became so real to me.We will continue to pray for your daughter and just continue to cling on to God cause he will not leave you.

In Christ Brad Ilene

The Copley's said...

Thankyou so much for your prayers. I can so relate. God has humbled me so much these past few years. Which has only made me faith that much stronger.