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Friday, October 03, 2008




Over the last year, I have struggled with spending hours on the Internet, researching various items that I needed for Hannah. Living in a small town, finding what I need has become an added stress that is not needed! I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of time I spent looking for just the right things for her. There are a lot of terrific products out there, but I found that sometimes I would have to “stumble” across them. So from now on I will be posting links to wonderful resources I have found and use. Please share this info with anyone you know in a similar situation. I will soon be creating business cards to hand out for people with out access to computers who need help with obtaining these products.
An example of my problems... I had some of Hannah's dresses taken in to have a button hole sewn in to adapt to her tubing for her pump. They did a wonderful job! but the price was beyond my budget! I found "Tummy Tunnels" Which provides better access to her G-button and is much cheaper (even with the shipping costs). They are super simple to apply and she loves them!