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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Updates on Hannah

She has had a very rough couple of months. She now depends on a central line, (a tube that runs in her underarm up through her a vein in her neck and straight to her heart) for all her nutrition. which comes with alot of complications. Complications that apparently our local hospital wont touch and I have to rush her to ER in Omaha... 3 hours away.
Sunday morning on the 9th, Hannah, my BFF Sharon and I will be loading up in my lil Mini van and driving to Cincinnati Children's Hospital to see some specailists that hopefully will bring us some answers to what is the problem and how we fix it, or at least treat it.
Hannah remains strong and full of life. She knows no other way of living. she has lived with this for over 7 years.If it wasnt for her ability to laugh at this crazy life and make the best of it, I dont think I could. She is the one that reminds me everyday to keep fighting. To be strong in my faith, and live with the grace and dignity that has comes with living this life.
Please keep us in your prayers and we battle the road ahead. and the other drivers on it!! lol