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Sunday, September 13, 2009

5 am and can't sleep... good time to update :)

woke up this morning feeling sick, came downstairs cause I didn't want to wake anybody up with my puking.... come out of the bathroom and there stands Hannah... her tummy hurts too. she dragged her ladybug bag of pumps down the stairs... sorry neighbors.... oh wait, my stupid neighbors kept me awake till 2 am hanging out under my bedroom window AKA our front porch... so sorry? hhmmmm, not so much!

OK... venting over, let me go get my coffee and glasses and we will get on with this updating thing! :)

Okie Dokie, well, my Bronchitis got better, slowly.

School began, routines been adapted too.

Hannah has been to ER in Omaha twice this month.
1st time because her J-button cracked, overnight,but no surgery, but an awake procedure... they gave her pain medicine and verset ... which made her stutter for 3 hours after the procedure... kinda creepy!
2nd time because there was a pinhole in her central line. no surgery. The surgeon RESIDENT that was repairing her line asked her if she stuck a pin through it... she looked at him like he was nuts and asked "why would I do that?" Hannah is very aware of the fact that when her line is down she spends the night on IV fluids with potassium and dextrose (which burns like crazy going in).
If Hannah is not talking much people have the 1st impression that she is 3 or 4 years old. She is sooo 8, and very intelligent. She is also very sarcastic... hehehe, I have no idea where she gets that!
She still has 2 pumps running 24 hours a day... which explains my lack of sleep, if it isn't 1 beeping it's another, most usually because she rolled over and pinched her tubing. oh and then there is a third... but that is only 1x a week for about and hour. That is her new Vivaglobin. the first and only sub Q infusion. and I believe that she is the 1st around here to receive it.
Monday she is having surgery. Upper and lower scopes and biopsy's, the are also going to do a liver biopsy because her levels are still running high. this biopsy comes with more complications then the scopes so they will be keeping her at least overnight.
Britt's root canals had to be reschedule due to Hannah's surgery, so the dentist has her on call for that... crazy!! I need 4 of me, 1 for each kid!
Ash and Anthony are doing good, they love school so life is good right now! Hannah has a teacher coming out 2x a week. really looking forward to that, she has an amazing mind, it's fun to see it in action!
Well it is after 6 already... got to go start getting things prepared for Hannah, she is going to be running pedialyte through her pump today in preparation for surg, tomorrow.

Love,Blessings & Barefeet, Beckie