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Saturday, February 06, 2010

February 6, 2010

well we had a another rough spell, They started running TPN through Hannah's IV and it went downhill from there. Hannah's poor little veins are exhausted,  after finally getting a iv started Wednesday night, It only last 12 hours. After an emmotional episode our charge nurse was able to start another in her 1 and only vaible vein left in her arm. If this one goes they will try her feet next. They stopped the TPN and are running basic maintenance fluids through it now, to try to get this IV to last longer. She is now officially out of renal failure, Her kidneys and liver are back to normal levels. Her labs are still coming back positive for yeast in her bloodstream, so they still have her and antibiotics and antifungals. Thursday they did an ultrsound of her heart and found a thrumbos (blood clot) as of yet I have no idea what they are going to do about that. The Hospitalist has been consulting with oncology and cardiology. They think it's a source of infection for the yeast, so to give her an anti coagulant might put the yeast in other places they dont want it right now, but to leave it is also risky if it were to break off and move into her heart or brain.
    Yesterday was a nice calm day. with no TPN running she was much more comfortable and even got to go to Movie Night to go watch "UP" in the auditorium last night. They will be taking her down for surgery today or tomorrow to place a temporary line so they can start back up TPN. They said the line will just be temp, because they know full well it will get infected with the yeast, but she needs the access to give her her nutrition.
Hannah is the strongest person I know! she has done all this without taking ANY of the moriphine they have ordered for her.