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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


helping him get ready for school

visiting Fred, grandma's Kitty

Grandma and Hannah

taken out our back door the other morning

Well what a week it has been. Friday I went to see my heart dr. for a pre op check up ( having my 2nd surgery on my shoulder, from my car accident last year) anyway, my blood pressure is running high (and you thought I was Joking!) This morning it was 148/92 and I'm on 2 different blood pressure meds. So they said I'm not having surgery right now.

Hannah is been starting to have a terrible cough again, and my pediatrician is on vacation. I know we will be okay without him, but I just don't like to. Tomorrow we will be at Mary Lanning for probably all morning and early afternoon. She will be receiving another infusion. Dr. Attard in Omaha called me... himself... last week. Since she has gotten out of Children's she has still maintain her weight but not gained. He said that in two weeks after this infusion we don't start seeing a improvement that they are going to start feeding her through an I.V. Mentally I am not prepared for this. I know that every time i even think about the pressure on my chest is tighter... you know, with the issues with my blood pressure, I wonder if all the stress and trauma in my life has maybe, just finely for truly broke my heart. I'd probably qualify for some study of what chronic stress does to a person! lol